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  Donald Trump Campaigns in Redding California  CSPAN  June 3, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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[applause] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> leading up to tuesday's primary in california, donald inmp is holding a rally soon reading, scheduled to get under way momentarily. some tweets here. and taking a look at the tarmac
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at the airport in redding, sunfornia, lots of umbrellas. the expected high, 22 degrees. they have already talked to folks about the heat, about getting enough water, and they have already had some medical situations as well. waitingere in reading, for donald trump, waiting for his plane to arrive, we assume, and we will have live coverage when it gets under way. we will also follow with your calls and comments on the tone of the presidential campaign, both between candidates and theg people attending rallies and protesters as well. while we wait for the rally to get under way, part of this morning's "intentional close focusing on an issue donald trump has talked quite a bit about, immigration and the impact on the economy. joining us on "the washington journal" is dan stein , federation for american immigration reform or fair. what is fair what positions
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do you take on immigration? guest: it is an organization that believes immigration should serve the national and american interest and that immigration laws should be enforced and enforceable and we should set them at levels that the low enough level that it does not challenge domestic priorities or confound global objectives. right now, immigration is far too high, it is unsustainable and everybody can see impacts from all across the country. we want to bring it down to 300,000 a year or less and we would like to implement legal reforms to make sure every immigrant is legal. host: how many illegal immigrants can come in on a yearly basis currently? guest: a statutory basis would is too high. there are administrative techniques in the last two years and we also saw studies the
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other day, the last two years, we're talking 125 million, legal and illegal, and the legal level is over 1 million and growing. it is growing because the obama administration has changed policy to change work visa categories and students are staying indefinitely based on work visas and that using other techniques to bring in people whether it is refugees, but basically to find ways to increase the number and it is exploding. host: what is the negative impact in your view of higher immigration? guest: we see it every day. sick level,most a we have a national infrastructure. highway systems going back to the 1950's. anybody commuting in high impact studies can see traffic congestion has now dramatically increased to the capacity of our infrastructure. 's immigration is not properly
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managed, it makes every challenge the nation faces more difficult. public schools are overwhelmed by foreign students, mostly illegally, and resources have to be divided among people of no right to be in the country. health, many people coming, some legally but mostly illegally, we wind up having great health care cost and we are allowing triplers to bring in labor and there is a subsidy where we, the taxpayers, are paying for employees who want to use immigration to moderate wages. wage growth is supposed to be one of the great recoveries but how does that happen if you are flooding the market with surplus labor? most of the net new jobs created in the obama administration have gone to foreign administrative e gone. at a time when american citizens have been losing jobs through manufacturing decline, or because of changes in our h-1b
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american native born label or force -- nativeborn labor force decreased. essentially, if you look at every major u.s. policy objective, uncontrolled and unsustainable mass immigration we are trying to maintain is making things more difficult and no one wants to talk about it. [video clip] mess, thatth immigrants are taking our jobs. let's look at the numbers. the number of people trying to cross our border illegally is near its lowest level in 40 years. its lowest level in
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40 years. it is lower than i was before i came into office, lower than ronald reagan's time. they also start about 32% of businesses in america. everybody thinks immigrants come here and they are getting all of this stuff from the government. immigrants pay more in taxes than they receive and services. most importantly, immigrants are not the main reason wages have gone up for middle-class families. board rooms ofin companies where the top ceos are getting paid more than 300 times the income of the average worker.
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deporting 11 million immigrants, not only is that a fantasy, it would cost billions of dollars and would be impossible. guest: i would love to have a .eer with the president during his administration, most of the net new jobs went to foreign workers. if you see wage stagnation, policies that allow american companies to fire workers, wage
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see people if you impacted by immigration are the most of all ball, he's as don't blame me, blame the ceos. he is trying to shift the blame. of supply and demand. if you increase the supply of --or from whatever service from whatever source, you increase the ability to bargain wages. you can see it in the wage data and the labor force participation data. i have been here since the 1950's. they wonder why donald trump has been so successful in this campaign.
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the democratic party has made immigration a component of their political operation. if you want to control the border in mexico, hillary clinton says we are going to go to war with mexico if we put structures down there. if you take a look at hillary sheton's positions today, , ignoringng this idea the law, bringing in people without regards to what the law
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says. people coming in from cuba, as refugees, from the middle east and elsewhere, they get cadillac treatment. when donald trump says we are receiving -- we are treating certain classes of immigrants better than veterans, he is right. congress, when they had an opportunity to treat veterans better, do you know what the obama administration did? he used that money to pay for translators for refugees from african -- from afghanistan. everyone can see how the administration has dismantled immigration enforcement policy for the last eight years to the point we have a totally
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dysfunctional government. daniel stein is our guest. we set aside the fourth line for recent immigrants. .202) 748-8003 that is the number for you to call. as i speak, i am watching hispanic minorities cornering a young woman from last night at a donald trump rally, waving the mexican flag. intimidation, fear, that is making this liberal democrat, who has never voted republican in his life, i have no problem voting for donald trump. host: because of the immigration issue? caller: exactly.
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no, it is about american pride. where is the american flag? what about learning english? doesn't that mean anything anymore? that's what i am talking about. an overtis is interference with the american rights to listen to candidates without burden or fear of .iolence the respect for law is the cornerstone of citizenship. abandon the basic s.inciple exemption for violating laws of the rest of us have to adhere to. why should anyone be surprised into theda has spilled streets. one thing that ties us together
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is a highly the first society as a respect for law and a common language. if you start tearing asunder the threads that tie us together, you so the seeds for what happens. this election, there has never been so stark a contrast. a democratic not organization, the party has something unrecognizable, saying immigration on demand. people can come without limit, they can stay unless they commit a serious violent crime.
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donald trump has told the wall street crowd -- screw you. this is a decisive moment. if you look at the democratic , a one dictator in california, that is the future for the rest of the country. the election is about a fight. machine style politics and immigration go together. they are very easy to exploit. it cannot continue. the southern poverty law
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center has labeled fair as an extremist organization. and -- fair can label anything you want. they have their opinions, but they oppose fair's policy positions, opposes us in court. host: fred, huntsville, alabama. this man is a breath of fresh air. cannot take on everybody around the world. we needed people.
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if you put a glass under a faucet, it can only old -- it can only h we know, for example, there are terrorists coming through smuggling cartel and other agencies. we know there is a surge coming again from central america. we know these things because the administration has weekend enforcement. people will come if nobody goes home, and removals and deportations under this administration has plummeted to levels we have not seen since --
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guess when? give you a little trivia here, the kennedy administration. you have basically said if are here illegally, you are not going home. how do you expect to gain ? ntrol of immigration we need state and local police to work with agencies, to identify people who are here illegally and get them out of the country. we know, too, from examples over the years when congress or states have passed laws to crack down on immigration, those who come it illegally respond, and they leave. they leave the state, leave the country. arizona in arizona when cracked down. there is great responsiveness, a way to manage the flow. do not have to allow immigration to become a political football to be used by
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one party or the other for its own political power. it's about or than that. it's about what we are and who we are as a people. you know who suffers most from this? legal immigrants who come .egally ,hat we have now are haystacks and you try to find the needles of those people who can do that amidst this avalanche of people coming who do not have the education and skills to really contribute productively in this economy, understand that explodinglike immigrants it illegally. they like to exploit them because they just because of labor status.ated they like slavery, but exactly the same reason. thehe left, because of political power base of the democratic party, you have these organizations that seek immigration as helping fuel the political power of the democratic party, but
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fundamentally, they are fueling a green agenda of exploitation being full minted by wall street that is exploited by the american class, and the two are working together to undermine the american people. next call is ann in california. caller: i hope god gives me the talk as well as other speakers. they sound so confident and know what they are talking about. well, i think i do, but i don't know how to put it in words, so bear with me. i was born into a dysfunctional, disenfranchised family, and i orw up more or less ignorant not knowing a lot. since i have been watching "washington journal" for all -- anyway, i have so
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much to say. i don't know exactly how to begin. tell you what, our time is a little bit limited, so why don't you go ahead and make one statement? caller: i guess the statement is at the present time, my family has been so affected by doctors overprescribing, so that is what i have been very affected by, but at the same time, i was so impressed with the donald trump because i feel that he is a good man that is really trying to do and so i changed my party to try to vote in the primary here. is so informative about everything, and "washington journal" gives so much information and makes people more knowledgeable --
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caller: you know what --host: you know what? thank you very much for calling in. we very much appreciate it. we look forward to hearing them you again. is the wall feasible that has been proposed? (202) 737-0002 --guest: remember, the opioid epidemic is in part a result of these people smuggling pills over the border. management of the border involves a variety of techniques that has always involved physical structures. strategic physical structures, barriers, walls, along certain strategic parts of the border are essential. they are absolutely important, along with a valid strategy of intelligence techniques, sensors, remote enforcement. the management of that order with modern technology can be done along with a balanced interior enforcement strategy of enforcement,k lays
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interior enforcement operations. there's no question all these things work together. the wall -- donald trump has aresing him people who fabulous experts on the policy. what is donald trump known for? the ability to assimilate team to get things done. the wall is a surrogate for the idea that we are going to get the border under control. a lot of people are hurting in this country. there's a tremendous desire for a strong statement, to do something about it, and using the remittances to pay for the wall -- what a stroke of genius is. this money has been sent out of the country for years. to use it to pay for the wall, it's hard to imagine a more brilliant formulation. donald trump is giving us new ideas outside the box, and the guy is a brilliant public relations master, you have to admit. connie in new jersey, democrat. good morning. caller: good morning.
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in the statement before, you were talking about ignorant people to vote. i wish this person that you have on new something about history and the history of the united states of america. it used to belong to my ancestors, the spaniards. taxes was taken away from the mexicans. all the jobs go out of the country. manufacturers go to china, india, the philippines. host: we got your point.
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guest: i don't think we are giving california and texas back to spain any time soon, but if you challenge us on the border, the united states is a sovereign country, and the responsibilities of sovereignty are border control and immigration control. but you did put your finger on a very important point, which is the outsourcing phenomenon, which was conceived in the 1980's. be replacedsed to with information jobs. americans were supposed to be trained for those jobs. all those went off site, too. essentially, the globalization has proved to be bankrupt for much of the american labor market, and the double whammy of outsourcing all of these jobs that were part of manufacturing combined with in sourcing of all this or in labor, unprecedented levels of immigration never before seen in american history -- this is not the level of immigration we had in 1890, 18
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80, 1820 -- far in excess. to have all this incoming foreign labor at a time when we are outsourcing all these jobs, when the internet totally changed the dynamic of information jobs in ways nobody would have imagined when we started outsourcing jobs in 1980, when everyone agrees nafta has not delivered the promises that present a fox said it would, you can see why this is the axis of the debate, and it is about time someone starts speaking up for the average american who is getting screwed in this process. michael johnson tweets -- who is hiring these immigrants? remember, there are very different categories of -- differentter categories of immigrants. people who come legally through the green card process will frugally be hired by high-tech companies and others. people who hire other emigrants,
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family sponsored and others, will be less skilled. they will work in retail, might be working in food processing and food manufacturing. people who come illegally, their existence transforms the labor market and transforms jobs which might pay better into ones that .ay less the employer is not paying taxes, pays under the table, shifts the burden to taxpayers to subsidize that labor pool. those people are breaking the law. a lot of employers that are to be in jail. the idea of immigration amnesty is offensive because it lets all these employees -- employers off the hook. the president is blaming these employers but has no solution. he says we cannot enforce the law, so we will not bother enforcing it and destroy our ability to enforce it. he has never gone to congress and said that he needs money to enforce the law. he is saying he is not of horsing the law because he does not want to enforce the law. now he says he is not going to worry about it because he does not want to enforce it.
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the system of exploitation is making it difficult for the average american to see. young people under the age of 30 -- what is their path to what used to be middle-class prosperity now? host: patti on the independent line, please go ahead. you arei think excellent. we need more people like you. if i were you, i would go on the liberal sunday talk shows and get your message out. i'm calling because i've got two things to say. first of all -- all of that "washington journal" conversation available online at you have been seeing scenes from reading memorial airport. donald trump arriving and will be speaking shortly to the crowd gathered in the nearly 100-degree heat at reading airport. we will have that for you life when it gets under way. we want to let you know, just in a couple of minutes, our coverage of the house continues
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briefly. they are coming in for what we expect will be a very short, pro noma session with legislative business expected. that's coming up at 4:30 eastern. about 10 of minutes away. we will take you there live and have the entire donald trump rally as well. after the rally this afternoon, we will open up the phone lines to get your thoughts on the tone of the presidential campaign. we will watch now and again, momentarily take you to the u.s. house as we wait for donald trump to speak to supporters here in redding, california.
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we expect this rally in redding, california, to get under way momentarily. we should have all of it live or you on c-span. we do want to take you live to the u.s. house, a very brief pro forma session expected, then back to the trump rally.
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[captioning made possible by the national captioning institute, inc., in cooperation with the united states house of representatives. any use of the closed-captioned coverage of the house proceedings for political or commercial purposes is expressly prohibited by the u.s. house of epresentatives.] the speaker pro tempore: the house will be in order. the chair lays before the house a communication from the speaker. the clerk: the speakers rooms washington, d.c.,, june 3, 2016, i hereby appoint the thomas j. rooney to act as speaker pro tempore on this day, signed paul d. ryan, speaker of the house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: the prayer will be offered by our chaplain, father conroy. chaplain conroy: let us pray.
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eternal god, we give you thanks for giving us another day. we pause now in your presence and acknowledge our dependence on you. we ask your blessing upon the men and women of this, the people's house. keep them aware of your presence as they face the tasks of this day and may their time back home with family and with constituents be beneficial. help them and indeed help us all to obey your law to do your will and to walk in your way. grant that they may be good in thought, gracious in word, generous in deed and great in spirit. may all that is done this day be for your greater honor and glory amen. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to section 4-a of house res. like 744. the journal is approved.
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the chair will lead the pledge of allegiance. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. pursuant to clause 4 of rule 1, the following enrolled joint resolution was signed by the speaker on thursday, may 26, 2016. the clerk: house joint resolution 88 and speaker pro tempore signed the following enrolled bills on friday june 3, 16, h.r. 136, h.r. 433, h.r. 1132, h.r. 2458, h.r. 2928, h.r. h.r. h.r. 3274, h.r. 3601, h.r. h.r. 3866, h.r. 4046,
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4605. the speaker pro tempore: the chair lays before the house a communication. the clerk: the honorable, the speaker, house of representatives, sir, pursuant to section 3-a of the evidence based policy commission act of 2016, 114-140, i am pleased to appoint the following individuals to the commission of evidence base policy making, drr sherry agreed of new york and dr. gregory hoins of california and dr. sweeney of massachusetts. thank you for your recommendations. signed sincerely, nancy pelosi, house democratic leader. the speaker pro tempore: the house stands adjourned until noon on tuesday, june 7, 2016 for morning hour debate and
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♪ welcome the next president of the united states, donald j.
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♪ [cheers and applause] r. trump: this is amazing. redding, we love redding. thank you very much. i think it's 104 degrees. is everybody ok? if anyone not feeling well, come up here, we have plenty of water to share. this is hot out. i want to thank you all. they got some very bad news, the worst jobs report in 6 1/2 years ok. it is going the wrong way. they are playing games. it's going the wrong way. they had a labor participation rate, it fell to 62.6%, which is one of the worst in many, many,
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many years. so we know what we're doing. we are going to turn it around and make america great again, bring back our jobs, bring back our jobs and bring it back fast. and remember the 1237 they said, maybe at the convention and i said we are going to reach it easy. who would have thought we reached it before hillary clinton. she can't close the deal. she can't close it. she's working hard and can't close it with bernie. good old bernie. we love our bernie. i tell you what, what a mess she's in. and the people with bernie don't want to vote for her and they want to vote for trump. you saw that poll. because whether you like bernie or not, he's right about one thing, trade is a disaster for
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our country. one thing he is right about. the trade deals that our country makes is an absolute disaster. hello. look at all those people over there. this is crazy. wow! i wish these camera guys would spin it around. they are so dishonest, 100 something degrees out here to have this number of people. are we happy to be here? [cheers and applause] mr. trump: on june 7, you have to get out and vote, because you know, we are setting records. we have already broken the record, in all fairness. i like that cap. he has the same cap i have on. hunters, the n.r.a., they gave me the endorsement. you saw that. great, great people. wayne and chris, they are great people. they gave me the earliest endorsement i think they have ever given to anybody. national rifle association. we are going to protect your 2nd
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amendment. we will protect your 2nd amendment. i love you, too. nice guy over there. big strong guy. i love you. so, look, we have had an incredible period of time june 16 we started and it's been an amazing ride. all over the world they are talking about it, it's a movement. they said they have never seen anything like it. the biggest crowds of anybody by far. the other night, bernie had 3,000 and i had 17,000. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: and they talked about me, donald trump made a speech, never mentioned the number of people and bernie has had a massive crowd of 3,000 people. i tell you what, the press is so biased against us, but i believe we have the numbers. i really believe it. you know, they used to call it the silent majority, now i think
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we are going to call it the ajority. in san jose, we had an amazing crowd. it was packed and it was incredible and at the basketball on, which is that area, the san francisco game, and we had some crowd. it was absolutely incredible. and it was a love fest inside, no problems whatsoever. we went on and spoke and had a good time for an hour and i said i want to get you guys so you could see the warriors, who won. but i wanted to get them out and i said we don't want to get out. we had an amazing time. that was it and we wrapped up and everybody was cheering forever and they walked out and hey get accosted by a bunch of
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thugs burning the american flag, burning the american flag. you know what they are? they're thugs. build that wall. you're right. [crowd chanting build that wall] mr. trump: we are going to build the wall, folks. don't even think about it. you saw -- i have a lot of endorsements and paul ryan just endorsed me and mitch mcconnell, but we have tremendous support. when you think that in the history of our party, more votes than anybody that has ever done this before. think of it. more than dwight eisenhower. war, he won the second more than ronald reagan who we all love, more than anybody and we have a lot of endorsements and very popular within the party and polls are coming out showing we are doing well and
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winning. the fox poll came out a few days ago and we are winning by flee points. we are beating hillary. did you see that phony speech she made yesterday. and people think, oh, did she speak well. she has a teleprompter here and there. do you notice, donald trump is a bad man. donald trump has a bad tone. we need a tough tone in this country. we don't need this kind of stuff anymore. she said, i don't like the tone of donald trump, that was a while ago. she said i don't like his tone. and i'm saying to myself, they are chopping off people's heads and killing us at the border. our country's a mess. we have the worst jobs report in 6 1/2 years. our labor participation rate, you are talking about decades of a disaster. people are making less money now
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than they made 18 years ago and working harder. and i'm supposed to have a nice tone. hello, everybody. how's everything. we are going to bring back our jobs. we are going to take our country back. we are going to run it properly, folks. and you are going to be proud of your country again. and you know they do research. i like .s.a. u.s.a. that. i like that. so california, good place. i'm going to play heavy in california. i think we can win it. i mean we get crowds like this all over the place and didn't give you a hangar. they don't give hangars anymore. but it's amazing the kind of reception that we have. and every magazine and every newspaper whether they like us
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r not and i say folks, i'm a messenger. am i doing a good job? [cheers and applause] mr. trump: it's incredible what's happened. and people are saying it's the most incredible political phenomenon. one of the pundits told me the other day and said you know, it doesn't matter whether you win or lose, the job you've done is so incredible. you came from nowhere and never did this before and fighting 17 governors and senators and professional politicians, i have been fighting them all my life and i like fighting, but you have been fighting these people and week after week you are down to 16, you are down to 14, you , 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
4:46 pm
and they said it hasn't been anything like it. it doesn't matter whether we win or lose. it will be in the history books forever. they said it never happened. bill o'reilly the biggest single phenomenon. and i'm saying what the hell are we talking about? we have to win. we have to win. we didn't come this far to lose. we are going to play california because i think hillary is pathetic and should be in jail for what she did with her emails. she should be in jail. she should be in jail for what she did with those emails. she wants to play a little tough. you know, she polls it, every word she said was polled. i don't have teleprompters. it's called up here and memory and called other things. and i speak from here and from
4:47 pm
the heart, ok, because that's what we need. and every single thing she said yesterday was polled and her people wrote it out and don't see the teleprompters. they said oh, they didn't know that. she's reading the script and read a line and phony audience. have the phony audience and the guy in the back going now and they clap. and these pundits -- if i ever did that, i would be run out of town. vote but for hillary is ok. what she said was so many lies. like he wants japan to get nuclear weapons. i don't want them to get nuclear weapons. i want them to pay us the kind of money we have to have so we don't lose money protecting japan and germany and saudi arabia. we have to do this.
4:48 pm
and south korea. i mean we are protecting south korea from the maniac in the north and we're protecting them. he actually said -- you know they said would you mind having negotiations with north korea. no problem. who the hell cares. i'm not going there. but you have a negotiation. they said we will never talk. how stupid are these people? they have been selling our country down the tube. they have been spending money, who knows if the talks work, maybe they will, maybe they won't. and putin said donald trump is a genius and next great leader of the united states. they wanted me to disavow what he said. how dare you call me a genius. how dare you call me a genius, vladimir.
4:49 pm
wouldn't it be nice we would get along with russia. i'm not talking about weakness. i know about negotiating. hillary clinton is a weak person. she is totally scripted. she is a thief and she should be in jail for what she did to our national security. i mean the only problem is i would like to run against her, if you want to know the truth. she should be. what she has done is terrible. so, look, we have -- i can't believe it. look at all the people out there trying to get in. look at those people. look at that. look at all those people. they couldn't have pulled these fences a little bit further out? you don't want them to come in. you have enough people here. that's the way life works. life is vicious. so when we talk about the different attributes, you look
4:50 pm
at the word tone, but i'll use a different word, bernie sanders said that hillary clinton has bad judgment. she has bad judgment. we are in a cyberworld. this is now a cyberworld. russia is knocking us off. china is knocking us off. they are stealing so much. what china's doing with our intellectual property, stilling billions. we aren't doing anything about it, during her regime. you look at what's going on. here is hillary all louised up with a simple email system and asked why did she do it? i understand why she did it, because she's a thief. i get why she did it. but talk about judgment, how do you have a president with that kind of bad judgment. she could have used the government stuff. she could have taken the government server, assume everyone is listening. every time i pick up a phone.
4:51 pm
you sue their ass off if they are and drop a little lawsuit on them and make them pay. but you know what? for her to do what she did puts our country at risk. she's secretary of state. she's got people like uma, anthony weiner, wife of anthony weiner, how would you like be having ner to these secrets. guess what, she tells anthony weiner. i know anthony weiner. i don't want him knowing anything. and i never ever want him to tweet me. does anybody want him to tweet? she's married to anthony weiner and goes home -- that's the way life works. she goes home. who the hell wants that. this is not right. it's not right. general petraeus has suffered
4:52 pm
greatly and many people suffered far less than what hillary clinton did. to me, as the woman just said, but she got away with it. it looks like she got away with it -- unless i win. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: and everything will be fair, but we are going to have an attorney general and the attorney general is going to take a look and see, because you know there's a five year or six-year statute of limitations. so she really is running for some very important reasons for herself. look, when somebody does something so wrong as that, they have to pay the consequences. she put our nation in difficulty. did you see her i.t. specialist, he's taking the fifth. the word is he's ratting her out like you wouldn't believe it, but they want to try and favor,
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that's not the way the government is supposed to work. they aren't supposed to be trying to save her but supposed to be doing the right thing. but the press never lets up and it never follows that story. it never follows the real story. so do you remember in iowa, i made a speech. and i said let's raise some money for our vets. and i figured we would raise half a million, two million. we end up raising almost $6 million. and i got bad publicity. can you imagine? this can only happen to me. i have more calls and more -- s and more tweets at #realdonaldtrump. cnn and fox says donald trump, i'm sitting there tweeting,
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donald trump has issued a major statement. you know we have like almost 9 million on twitter. and similar number on facebook. on instagram, a million and a half and soon going to be 20 million people. that's like owning the "new york times" without the lawsuits. and then they say, you shouldn't -- my opponents, they have three people, they said you shouldn't use your twitter. i say why? i said like in golf, a hitter, don't use your driver. we use anything you have to do to win. we are going to win. we are going to win. we raise almost $6 million and the dishonest press, and they are so dishonest, not all of them but many of them, they are so dishonest, if i would have done nothing, it would have been fine. i said let's raise some money
4:55 pm
for the vets. i'm glad i did it. i got more thank u.s. from the vets. we gave to many, many groups. they wake up and get $100,000 in the mail, $250,000. one of them got $1.1 million and they are great. they are great people and they appreciated it. but they put the negative spin on everything. no matter what we do -- you know it's funny. the "new york times" puts me on -- medic. medic. you just take it easy, darling. it's hot out here, right. right over here, medic. right over here. we love you. we love you. some of these people got here five, six hours ago. [applause]
4:56 pm
trump]chanting mr. trump: she ok? we want to make sure she's ok. she was here for five hours, they say. five hours, some of them here for seven, eight hours. we love you. are you ok, honey? give her a hand everybody. give her a hand. [applause] mr. trump: that's great. she's tougher than all of us. and look at the medics and the police, what a great job they do, right? [cheers and applause] mr. trump: e.m.t.'s. give them a hand, by the way.
4:57 pm
great job. thank you, darling. she looks like she's in good shape sm thank you very much. that's true, the police, the medics, firemen and the job they do and aren't appreciated. they are going to be appreciated, folks. is she good? everything good? that's good. that's good. thank you, honey. so we're going to do things that haven't been done in a long time. we are going to start winning again. we don't win anymore. we don't win anymore. even a report that you see, it was like a bombshell expected 100,000 jobs, 38,000 jobs. they are bad jobs. people say we don't have good jobs. our good jobs are moving to mexico along with the companies
4:58 pm
that are moving there. they are moving to china where china is making all our products and devaluing their currency. i had a meeting today and must have had 50 chinese people. people from china or formerly from china. d cnn was there, jake tapper was there and we had an amazing time and john dickerson, also a good guy, he was there from cbs and they looked outside and said who are all those people. they are endorsing trump. and nobody could believe it. and i don't believe the chinese government and i don't blame the next can government. i want our government to be smart. i want our government to get away with the kind of things they get away with. but we have leaders that don't have a clue. and hillary clinton's at the top of the list.
4:59 pm
she's incompetent. first of all, she's always got problems, whitewater, impeachment, lie, he didn't have sex with that woman. wo months later, he's well, he didn't. he's -- these are lying people. we don't need another four years of the clintons. it's a mess. it's a mess. so what we're going to do is we are going to have a strong temperment, not that weak temperment. i don't like his temperment. i don't like his tone. there is nobody better with a better temperment. and we are going to start winning for you. temperment is very important. it's very, very important. but we need strength. we don't need that's weak people. they talk about, well, i think his temperment isn't good.
5:00 pm
i guess they do polls. they say how can we get trump. i believe i have the greatest temperment there is and the temperment that this country needs at this time. i could slough why aren'tyou an they being sued? it is a big story. temperament is an important word. we need toughness in tone. we need toughness in temperament. i really mean this.